[Ontbirds] Ottawa East - Lapland Longspurs & Horned Larks

Patrick Blake pjblake22 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 14:27:42 EST 2011

This afternoon (Feb. 4) I birded around the St. Rose and St. Isidore area.  An hour's birding yielded a total of 34 LAPLAND LONGSPURS.  The longspurs were usually in threes and fours within large flocks of SNOW BUNTINGS, but I came across a single flock of seventeen longspurs along Concession 19.  Associated with this flock were four HORNED LARKS.  Of course, snow buntings numbered easily in the hundreds in scattered flocks throughout the area.  Also of note was a juvenile ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK near the corner of Concession 21 and St. Rose Road.  Unfortunately I did not come across any SNOWY OWLS that usually frequent this area in the winter.  It may be worth mentioning there is a lot of drifting snow along the concessions, so be careful when driving.


One last interesting sighting occurred while on the way to the area mentioned above.  Near the overpass of 8th Line Road on the 417 heading east, I noticed a NORTHERN SHRIKE perched atop a tall tree along the highway.  Not two minutes later, I saw another NORTHERN SHRIKE overlooking a large open field near exit 88.


Good birding!



DIRECTIONS: The St. Rose / St. Isidore area can be reached by taking Hwy 417 eastward to exit 58.  Turn left onto Hwy 138 and follow, turning right onto Concession 20.  Any of the long concessions here are fair game for the species mentioned above.

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