[Ontbirds] Ottawa River - Common x Barrow's Goldeneye hybrid

Justin Peter jbpetr at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 4 15:51:34 EST 2011

Hi Ontbirders,

There was a male hybrid goldeneye off the east point of Bate Island in the 
Ottawa River, visible directly from the bench that faces Parliament Hill. It was 
feeding intently alongside a male Common Goldeneye in an area of relatively 
still water with many little bits of ice. I saw it between 3:00 - 3:15 PM. It 
displayed several hallmarks of a hybrid including a plump, 'filled out' 
tear-drop marking on the face, intermediate amount of white on the body, no 
'spur', somewhat flattened head with pronounced maroon sheen. 

Good birding!


P.S. Bate Island is accessible by taking the Champlain Bridge to cross to 
Gatineau (Aylmer district) directly via Island Park Drive or from the Western 
Parkway, coming from the east or west.

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