[Ontbirds] Varied Thrush & Bohemian Waxwing - Waterloo Region

Kristian Peter kristian_peter at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 15:47:28 EST 2011

This morning, my parents (Otto and Diane Peter) and I went out to Bamberg to 
check out the Varied Thrush, which made a quick appearance, along with American 
Tree Sparrows, Red Bellied Woodpecker and variety of other common winter birds.

We proceeded to Glen Allan where we noted the following on the open water of the 
Conestoga River:  single male American Widgeon among numerous Mallards, and 
three Common Goldeneye (2 male, 1 female). Also observed small flock of Horned 
Larks along Sideroad 17 on the way into Glen Allan.

Continued to Conestoga Lake dam with the following observations:  flock of 15 
Bohemian Waxwings, just north of the dam.  In outflow of dam, numerous Common 
Mergansers (male and female), single immature male Hooded Merganser, four 
American Black Duck, and numerous Mallards, with two adult Bald Eagles watching 
over the proceedings.

Lots of activity on a great winter morning.

Directions to Varied Thrush from Ken Burrell’s post:

Exit the 401 at Hwy 8 north, take Hwy 85 north, towards Waterloo about 12km.
Exit Northfield Road, and go west. Following Northfield, turn right (north)
onto Weber street. Take Weber St. about a km and turn left onto Benjamin
Road. Take Benjamin all the way to Kressler Road (~5km). At Kressler, turn
left and take this to the first road (about 2km), which is Weimar Line. Turn
right onto Weimar and the house is the 3rd on the left #3218. 

From 3218 Weimar Line, continue west towrads village of Bamberg.  Turn 
Right on Maplewood Road.
Continue through St. Clements all the way to Wallenstein.  Turn Left onto County 
Road 86.
Continue past Macton, turn Right on Sideroad 17 into Glen Allan - Conestoga 
River is on the right
(Sideroad 17 become County Road 45 in Glen Allan)
Continue on County Road 45. Turn Right to County Road 11 - continue to Conestoga 
Dam - open water on the right.

Good birding,
Kristian Peter, Waterloo

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