[Ontbirds] Peregrine falcon-pair, Toronto

Henry Furlott hgfurlott at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 14:14:10 EST 2011

 We've confirmed that there's an active pair, mostly perched in the upper
vents of Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto (600 University Ave.)
I forgot to add that he is very hard to see from the ground.   I work across
the street on the 10th floor of the Norman Urquhart building of Toronto
General Hospital.  Anyone can take the *west* elevators (McEwan lobby) up to
the 13th floor, and there's half-height windows right there, where you can
look at the upper half of these building (and PMH).  No need to traipse
through someone's office to see them.  So wonderful to see!!!  I brought my
little binoculars today and followed him in flight for some distance.

Henry Furlott

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