[Ontbirds] Northern Hawk Owl (Low, Quebec) Goldeneyes (Ottawa)

Ott User willott123 at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 27 18:09:44 EST 2011

Hi Ontbirders:

The Northern Hawk Owl I first reported a couple of months ago was seen 
preening atop its favourite perch next to Chemin Neely in Low, Quebec. 
Locally, a dozen or more Common Goldeneyes gave great views on the weekend 
just behind the Rideau Tennis Club at the bottom of Donald Street.  The ice 
and not much open water has forced them to feed closer to shore.  Although I 
missed it, a birder mentioned having seen several hundred Bohemian Waxwings 
today feeding on whatever berries were still left on trees.  Thanks.

Managed to catch this interesting close-up of female Common Goldeneye just 
about to dive.  They flip up their tail feathers and close their nictating 
membrane before doing so.

W. Hum

Take hwy 5, direction to Maniwaki.  Hwy 5 becomes hwy 105 somewhere along
the way.  The key is to follow directions to Maniwaki.  Low is
approximately 64km from downtown Ottawa.

Take Hwy 5/105 direction Maniwaki until you reach McDonald.  There is a
large sign that says, "Brennan Hill - Restuarant Bar" at the
corner. Turn left there onto McDonald.  It looks like a sort of dirt road
and is winding so drive carefully.  Continue along McDonald until Neely
(about 8km).
Turn right onto Neely and continue until you cross the bridge which isn't
far away. Just after the bridge look for the owl usually seen the left.

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