[Ontbirds] Golden Eagle at Turkey Point marsh, 2 March 2011

Gregor Beck gregor_beck at kwic.com
Wed Mar 2 11:30:32 EST 2011

A first year Golden Eagle was observed hunting over the Turkey Point marsh
between 10:40 and 11:00am this morning, 2 March 2011. The bird was spotted
by Kevin Kavanagh at 10:40am and we continued to observe it for about 20
minutes. The eagle appears to be actively hunting, sometimes flying low over
frozen ponds, landing briefly, then flying high over the western tip of
Turkey Point. The typical juvenile pattern with white in wings and at base
of tail is clearly seen, as is a bit of the golden wash.  (Note: there is
also at least one dark-phased Rough-legged Hawk hunting the marsh this
morning for contrast and comparison.) We observed the Golden Eagle from 1634
Front Road, but if it remains in the area it should be visible from the
public roadside lookout a few hundred metres to the west of that address.  

For Tundra Swan watchers, we have also observed the arrival of numerous
flocks this morning and in recent days. The inner bay of Long Point remains
largely ice-covered, but the strong north-westerly wind this morning has
cleared the outer bay of most ice. Ice cover may change rapidly today so
waterfowl numbers could increase as a result. 

Directions: Follow Highway 24 south and then west from Simcoe. Turn south
onto Turkey Point Road (Reg. Rd 10). Turn west onto Front Road. The Turkey
Point marsh roadside lookout is approximately 2.5km west of Turkey Point
Road on Front Road. 

Gregor Beck
St. Williams, Ontario

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