[Ontbirds] York Region Sightings

RON FLEMING flemingron at rogers.com
Thu Mar 3 20:28:04 EST 2011

An immature male Snowy Owl continues to be seen in the Holland Marsh vegetable 
fields west of Newmarket while two others wintering near Ravenshoe Road in SW 
Keswick have been harder to find in the larger fields there.  The former bird 
has been seen most often at the end of Emma Road, which runs west from Dufferin 
Street, 4 kms north of Hwy. 9.  

Horned Larks have been showing up with increasing frequency, singing 
their tinkly songs from various places in the Holland Marsh fields.  During 
a West Humber Naturalists field trip on Saturday at least 8 were observed along 
MacGillvray Road west of Kleinburg.  

At Joan Love's property on the SW side of Hwy. 27 & Major Mackenzie Drive in 
Kleinburg our group also had 12+ Pine Siskins.  Joan has observed Wild Turkeys 
and a hardy Winter Wren on her property during February, though we did not 
find either species on Saturday morning.  Gene and Charlene Denzel did, however, 
find a dozen turkeys along Teston Road later that day.  At the Nashville 
Cemetery west of Kleinburg there was a flock of Cedar Waxwings (approx. 30) and 
a Northern Mockingbird Saturday as well as a female Sharp-shinned Hawk at the 
BORC school property along Kirby Sdrd.
In Thornhill, Gene and Charlene Denzel have had four White-throated Sparrows 
visiting their feeders all winter as well as a local Mockingbird.  Four 
White-crowned Sparrows continue to show up along Devald Road in the Holland 
Marsh south of Bradford; this has been their 3rd consecutive winter.  Near this 
latter location, Paul Novosad has had a Red-bellied Woodpecker visiting his 
feeder all winter (near the 5th Line bridge north of the canal) while Dan 
Stuckey reports that another Red-bellied has been wintering in the Virginia 
Beach area near Sutton.  Jack Alvo had yet another one on the north side of 
Ravenshoe Road last weekend.
On February 26 Bruce Brydon had 30Bohemian Waxwings on the Boag Rd. between 
McCowan and Highway 48 northeast of Newmarket.
Common Ravens continue to expand their range, showing up with increasing 
regularity in several parts of the region.  Two individuals have been present in 
the Holland marsh south of Bradford since December, two others have been 
observed in NW Newmarket (404 plaza area) by Mike Van den Tillaart, and Frank 
Pinella has been seeing another pair in north Richmond Hill west of Yonge and 
Stoufville Road.  
Other interesting Richmond Hill observations by FP the past few weeks include 
one Hoary Redpoll in the company of approx. 100 Common Redpolls on Feb. 19, a 
Northern Shrike and ten American Robins along Bayview Road north of Elgin Mills 
the same day, a fly-over Red Crossbill in the same area on Sat Feb 12th, and 
a Cooper's Hawk Feb 28th at Yonge & Weldrick.
Ron Fleming, Newmarket

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