Dennis Lewington dengwen at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 11 20:57:00 EST 2011

On returning home along the Lake Erie shoreline today,  from Long Point,
we had the thrill of seeing nine Bald Eagles perched together in the trees
on the South Side of Rainham Road, about a 100 feet east of South Coast Drive.
This is just east of the Ontario Hydro Plant.

It was still "winter weather" at Long Point today, with blowing snow, but there
were still very good numbers of Tundra Swans along  (Lakeshore Rd.)  #42
just west of Hwy.59,  in the fields, on both sides of the road.   Also saw
Sandhill Cranes and many species of Ducks in the puddles in the fields.

Dennis & Gwen Lewington

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