[Ontbirds] Black Vultures - Niagara Falls, NY

Willie D'Anna and Betsy Potter dannapotter at roadrunner.com
Thu May 5 19:57:08 EDT 2011

In the early afternoon while working today, I saw two soaring BLACK VULTURES
just above the gorge rim of the Niagara River.  These birds were about ½
mile north of the American falls and would have been visible from Niagara
Falls, Ontario, probably across from Michael’s Inn, which is a little
downriver from the Rainbow Bridge.  Sorry for the late notice but this was
the first chance I had to post.  I would suggest looking anywhere on the
lower Niagara River from the area of the falls, downriver to the Niagara
escarpment in Lewiston, NY-Queenston, Ont.

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Wilson, NY

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