[Ontbirds] 3 to 6 scarlet tanagers at Ashbridges Bay...plus lots of other great looks

Richard Sigesmund rsigesmund at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:54:05 EDT 2011

I spent 2 hrs birding at Ashbridges Bay. Didn't expect to stumble upon what
I did. There were 3 male scarlet tanagers sitting on a tree in the back
southwest corner of the Martin Goodman Trail (click on this link to see
where that is:

One male left and the other 2 males gave me incredible views. They were
anywhere from 5 to 15 feet off the ground and would land 10 feet away from
the path and from me. I also spotted a female in a tree.

When I was leaving, I spotted 1 male and 1 female in the top of a myrtle
tree that's on the southeast side of the harbour. There were 3 other birds
in the trees with them, but due to the light and foliage, I couldn't ID
them. 1 may have been a female as well.

Also spotted were two hummingbirds (ruby-throated, I assume), myrtle
warblers, magnolia, yellow, memphis, black-throated blue, common
yellowthroat, catbirds, 2 female cowbirds, ovenbird, assorted sparrows, red
eyed vireo and a kingfisher. Not a large quantity of birds, but an excellent

I would assume the tanagers are there for the day. They remained in the same
area for 2 hours and were eating away.  There are a LARGE number of bugs
(gnats and some bugs that leave horrible bites). I suggest you go with
appropriate bug spray or at least wear a hood.

I'll post photos later on my flickr account (

Richard Sigesmund

Ashbridges Bay is at the southernmost part of Coxwell Ave, just south of

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