[Ontbirds] Ontbirds Posting Guidelines

Mark Cranford [Ontbirds] ontbirds_coord at rogers.com
Wed May 18 05:41:34 EDT 2011


Across the province birds are actively migrating and being observed in a 
variety of different situations.  This is an exciting time of year to be 
out and reporting from the field.

Please remember we have 2700 subscribers, Ontbirds can be most effective 
mailing list if reporters follow posting guidelines.   I would like to 
remind everyone of that our posting guidelines can be read at 

Ontbirds is primarily intended to alert birders of provincially rare and 
unusual birds.  Keep your reports brief and to the point. Reports should 
focus on highlights (one or two key species) and should not list all 
birds seen.  Additional information outside of the highlights could be 
submitted to a local compiler who track reports in detail.

We are interested in less regularly birded areas but Ontbirds is not 
looking for regular reports of expected birds. Ontbird is also not 
intended to be vehicle for photographers to showcase their photos and 
promote websites.

If reporters focus on birds that are of provincial interest to active 
birders the list should continue to thrive and remain a service of great 
utility to birders across the province.


Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ont.
mark.cranford at ofo.ca
905 279 9576

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