[Ontbirds] Point Pelee Migration Update - May 18, 2011

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Friends of Point Pelee provide guided birding hikes throughout the Festival
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Point Pelee National Park Migration Update for: MAY 18, 2011

Breezy Northeast winds again today, overcast and cool in the Park, but
none-the-less a number of birds throughout the Park. Many are down low again
today, foraging for what little food some of them seem to be getting.

Huge news from the Tip as a Herring-type gull with yellowish orange legs and
feet was standing on the sand at 7 am. There is still debate over whether it
is a Caspian or Yellow-legged Gull. Last reported off the Sparrow Field
about 10:30 am.

We are not aware of flybys of waterfowl etc. as most observers were watching
the gull.

In the woods near the Tip people noted Scarlet Tanager, Philadelphia Vireo
and Blue-winged Warbler among other species. At the north end of the Tip
loop trail a Western Hermit Thrush.

Tilden Woods held a number of species of warbler, including Mourning,
Wilson’s and also Philadelphia Vireo, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, and
Red-headed Woodpecker were seen.

Just north of those woods on Chinquapin Trail, an Olive-sided Flycatcher was
reported.And near the intersection of the Centennial Bike Path and Tilden
Trail, a nighthawk was perched in a large Walnut. There was also one perched
just west of entrance to Tilden Trail along the Shuster Trail.

Along the West Beach Trail an Orange-crowned Warbler was located.The
Prothonotary Warbler was seen near the southern bridge on Woodland Nature
Trail, and at least two Blue-winged Warblers were noted on that trail as

Outside the Park:
No word of the Marbled Godwit seen just outside the Park along the E
Concession yet.

Good Birding,

Hike Leaders: PETE, Karl, Todd, Justin, Marianne, John, Ellen, Alvan and


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