[Ontbirds] Connecticut Warbler & Clay-colored Sparrow in Col. Sam. Smith Park, Etobicoke

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Thu May 19 18:30:13 EDT 2011

Today the long lasting morning fog grounded a good crop warblers, 23 species in all. Four hours birding: two in late morning; two in mid-afternoon. The single male Connecticut Warbler was seen (and singing) at 5:50 am just be garbage container on the southwest corner of parking lot.  The Clay-colored Sparrow singing in some small shrubs to the right of the walkway leading to first headland at 6:00 am. Here is the warbler count: Black-throated Blue: 71; Chestnut-sided: 40; Yellow-rumped: 22; American Redstart: 16; Tennessee: 14; Yellow & Magnolia: 13; Common Yellowthroat: 12: Nashville: 7; Northern Parula: 5; Northern Waterthrush, Black-throated Green and Ovenbird: 4; Cape May, Black-and-White & Blackburnian: 3; Blackpoll: 2; singles of Mourning, Wilson's, Bay-breasted and Pine.  There was also a good selection of Thrushes: Swainson's: 28; Veery; 4; Gray-cheeked: 3 and Wood Thrush: 2.  Another highlight was 4 male Bobolinks singing from the trees on the eastern-most headland.  

Directions: the park is located a the south end of Kipling Avenue; the street to parking lot is called Col. Samuel Smith Drive.  

Wayne Renaud (289-828-0043)

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