[Ontbirds] Point Pelee Migration Report - May 20, 2011

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Friends of Point Pelee provide guided birding hikes throughout the Festival
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Point Pelee National Park Migration Update for: MAY 20, 2011

This morning a heavy fog set over the Point. It has now lifted to expose
beautiful skies and sunny conditions. A light breeze is out of the South.

It doesn’t seem that a new batch of migrants has come into the Park, but
again birding is busy here.

At the Tip this morning a Blue-winged Warbler was noted and about a dozen
other species of warbler as well as a singing Tufted Titmouse. Due to the
fog not many bird orientation flights were noted except for Indigo
Buntingof which many were flying south off the tip.

Also seen at the Tip was the gull with the yellow legs which is as yet
unidentified. In amongst the gulls a Lesser black-backed Gull was loafing.

Along West Beach Trail south of the West Beach Parking area there was a
female Summer Tanager reported.

Just near the smaller parking area at the Visitor Centre a Tufted
Titmousewas located.

Shuster Trail had two Mourning Warblers, and 2 CANADA Warblers. A Sora called
from the marshy area towards the lake side.

Tilden Woods was quite active this morning with about 15 species of warbler
noted. Of note, a Prothonotary was high in the trees foraging, as were two
male Cerulean Warblers. Also seen were Bay-breasted, Northern Parula and

Both Baltimore and Orchard Orioles are abundant in the Park and C. Nighthawk
have been noted roosting in more than one spot.

Outside the Park:

The Glossy Ibis seen just outside the Park arrived at Hillman’s Marsh for a
bit last evening but hasn’t been reported yet today. Black-bellied
Plovernumbers are building outside the Park in the Onion Fields

Good Birding,

Hike Leaders: Pete, Karl, Todd, Justin, Marianne, John, Ellen, Alvan and


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