[Ontbirds] Rondeau Update

Steve LaForest s.m.laforest at gmail.com
Sat May 21 18:11:08 EDT 2011

Good evening Ontbirders,

The best warblers of the afternoon at Rondeau were Prothonotary
and Mourning, both at the south end of Harrison Trail.  Four Blue-winged
Warblers were seen this morning - 2 on South Point Trail and 2 at the south
end of Harrison Trail.  A Louisiana Waterthrush was reported on Spicebush
Trail on the boardwalk on the side of the trail farther from the road.  A
total of 24 species of warblers were seen in the park today.

During today's bird hikes, we saw some interesting bird behaviour.  On
Bennett Road, a male Baltimore Oriole (likely with a nest nearby) was
observed diving forcefully into a Blue Jay, producing an audible thump.  On
Harrison Trail, we watched a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak performing
elaborate courtship displays for a female, including the "Adult
Accompaniment Required" wing-droop-fluff! a la Stokes.

We have not received any further reports of the Western Tanager or
Swainson's Hawk.

Outside of the park, 2 Common Moorhens were seen at McGeachy Pond.

Good birding!

Steve LaForest
Friends of Rondeau Bird Guide
s.m.laforest at gmail.com

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