[Ontbirds] Red-necked Grebes at Jack Darling Memorial Park - Mississauga

Victoria Deakin victoria.deakin at sympatico.ca
Mon May 23 15:20:25 EDT 2011

A late morning birding walk around Rattray Marsh in Mississauga was very
quiet today but on our way back to the waterfront parking lot at Jack
Darling we spotted and had extended good views of a small group of
approximately a dozen Red-necked Grebes just off the beach.  Referencing
Kaufman's Field Guide, we wondered if perhaps this was an unusual bird for
this area?

The field markings of the yellow on the bottom of a long bill along with a
red throat, white patch on the head with a slight ruff on top and a darker
back were very prominent from were we stood on a rock outcrop.

The birds were floating along in small groups heading roughly eastward; some
diving for food, others running across the water as though to take off in
flight but not quite managing as they eventually tumbled back into the water
without becoming air born. We wondered whether this was a group of juveniles
just learning to fly? 

Vicki & Rich Deakin

Jack Darling Memorial Park and Rattray Marsh are located at 1180 Lakeshore
Road West in Mississauga.

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