[Ontbirds] Tufted Titmouse likley on terrirory in Grand Bend

gphillips at istar.ca gphillips at istar.ca
Sat May 28 16:59:06 EDT 2011

Hello birders,

I'm presently conducting bird surveys in the Southern Huron region.  
I've heard a Tufted Titmouse singing the double noted  
territorial/advertising song in the residential woods across from my  
motel. I've heard it sinsing twice now around 5:30am on May 27th and  
28th (got a reasonably good recording of it this morning). I'll be  
leaving my motel well before dawn over the next few days,and will  
probably not have another oppertunity to listen for it.

The Titmouse is singing across from the Pine Dale Motor Inn. 107  
Ontario Street South in the town of Grand Bend.

Good luck and good birding,
Gerard Phillips

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