[Ontbirds] Navan - Sandhill Cranes

Patrick Blake pjblake22 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 7 10:59:56 EST 2011

This morning at 9am there were approximately 150 SANDHILL CRANES in the fields along Milton and Smith Roads in Navan.  The foraging birds were spread out, but were concentrated along Smith Road to the west of Milton Road.  A dozen SNOW BUNTINGS were also seen and heard in the area.

Good birding!


DIRECTIONS:  From the 174 in Orléans, take Trim Road south to Navan Road.  Turn right onto Navan Road, then make a left onto Milton Road.  Follow Milton Road, scanning the large fields on either side for the cranes.  Smith Road is on the right, with a plowed cornfield at the corner of Smith and Milton.

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