[Ontbirds] Western Red-tailed Hawk, Windsor, Nov. 10 / 11

JAMES HOLDSWORTH jmholdsworth at rogers.com
Thu Nov 10 18:09:09 EST 2011

For those few birders pedantic or truly geeky enough to care [ I guess that includes me...], there was an adult, intermediate morph calurus Red-tailed Hawk at the north end of Lauzon Road, where the road meets the railway line.
This bird is particularly striking, with a rufous brown head and throat, rich buffy / blotched breast and strong buff-orange tones to the wing-linings and underparts. The area is, at present, host to many raptors, as the site possesses large areas of old field - a very scarce local commodity. For those familiar, this is very near where the Western Kingbird hybrid nesting occurred this summer.
To find the site, from Hwy 42, take Lauzon Road to it's terminus.

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