[Ontbirds] Wheatear -- Sundridge

Martin/Kathy Parker mparker19 at cogeco.ca
Thu Nov 10 19:45:02 EST 2011

Received a call from Steve O'Donnell a few minutes ago regarding a bird 
which was identified as a Wheatear.  It was at the north end of Sundridge 
which is Highway 11 about 40 minutes north of Huntsville.

The bird was found by Dave Jensen in a enclosure with a horse.  The bird was 
eating worms and flying from the ground to the fence.

Steve feels that the field marks Dave gave identified the bird as a 
Wheatear.  Steve is going to look for it tomorrow.


At the north end of Sundridge take Tower Road west from Highway 11

Take the first right onto Basso Road (this takes one back towards Highway 

Take the first left onto Sticks and Stones Road.  The bird was in the horse 
pen at the corner.

Documentation of the sighting is being requested..

Martin Parker

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