[Ontbirds] Green-winged Teals, Scaup (Ottawa)

willott123 at sympatico.ca willott123 at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 11 15:45:18 EST 2011

Hi Omtbirders:

Counted 9 Green-Winged Teals ( 3 males) at Andrew Haydon Park.  They were all very close to shore hanging on the west side of the pond keeping out of the wind.  The Scaup were doing the same and there are a good number of them in the same pond as well.  The 2 Brant geese present as well.  

PS.  I think this winter will be better for seeing Snowy Owls than last winter based on some of the sightings I've seen being reported (and not reported) over in Quebec already.  We'll see.

W. Hum

Directions: In Ottawa take Carling westbound past Holly Acres and turn into Andrew Haydon Park.  

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