[Ontbirds] Nelson's Gull, Ottawa

mark gawn gawnbirding at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 12 16:16:41 EST 2011

A 1st winter "Nelson's Gull", a hybrid Glaucous x Herring, was present at Trail Road this afternoon at 2PM. It was loafing in one of the small ponds south of trail road opposite the dump. Look for a giant Thayer's Gull with a two toned, Glaucous Gull-like bill. There were a few hundred gulls present, among which a 2nd Winter Glaucous. Also seen was yet another immature Red-throated Loon on Lake Deschennes, seen from Andrew Hayden Park off Carling Avenue.

Mark GawnOttawa, Ontario, Canada 		 	   		  

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