[Ontbirds] American White Pelican, Razorbill, Harlequin Ducks - Niagara River; Parula Warbler - Oakville

Alfred Adamo alfred.adamo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 19:45:43 EST 2011

The American White Pelican at the Custer Bird Sanctuary on the 7th Conc.,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, five minutes after we arrived, flew out of the pond,
slowly circled as it gained height and flew out of sight eastwards about
10:07 this morning.  While the main pond was still unfrozen, the smaller
ponds and ditches in the area had a thin skin of ice this morning.
 Incredibly, what must have been the same bird was seen by us again just
before noon from the Niagara River overlook at Queenston, circling not very
high over Lewiston N.Y.  Also at this location, about 15 White-winged
Crossbills in flight across the river to the American side.

The Razorbill was at its usual location at the mouth of the Niagara R. late
this morning.

Kayo Roy alerted us to a female Harlequin Duck at the Control Dam.  We
found two, about 1:30 p.m. in the rapids just east of the breakwall, and
then again actually sitting on the breakwall.  There was also a Parasitic
Jaeger briefly present on the breakwall which Kayo had mentioned also
(which we didn't see but Bill Smith did).  We checked for Purple Sandpiper
afterwards, but as usual for that time of day, the water was too high for
it to be seen at its favorite rock.

We saw at least five individual Turkey Vultures but no Black in the
Queeston area.  I checked the rocks upstream from Adam Beck and didn't see
the Franklin's Gull either there or at the dam.  Adam Beck was fairly quiet
when we were there early in the afternoon; just an adult Kumlein's and a
2nd basic Lesser Black-backed Gull but we were not there very long.

Then in west Oakville, at 3:40 the Parula Warbler was seen at Bronte Bluffs
very actively picking up midges from the area of the sumacs at the east end
of the park.

Directions for Parula Warbler:

>From Lakeshore Rd. turn onto West River Rd. which is immediately west of
the Bronte Ck. bridge.  Follow to the top of the hill; there is a parking
lot on your left.

Alfred Adamo and David Langford

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