[Ontbirds] Snowy Owl (Ottawa)

willott123 at sympatico.ca willott123 at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 1 21:57:07 EST 2011

Hi Ontbirders:
As everyone knows by now, this is an irruption year for Snowy Owls.  As previously mentioned, birders in Quebec were seeing these owls from as early as late October to early November.  Late today I saw a Snowy Owl perched along the Ottawa River.  Looked like one through the binoculars but it was quite far away.  Could have been a white garbage bag too.  A look through the scope confirmed it was a Snowy Owl.  Keep your eyes open.  Happy birding.  
PS.  First record of Snowy Owl in Hawaii?  This report seems to indicate so, at the Honolulu International airport.
W. Hum

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