[Ontbirds] Cackling Goose, Snowy Owl (Ottawa)

willott123 at sympatico.ca willott123 at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 3 19:00:30 EST 2011

Hi Ontbirders:
What a fabulous December day with sunshine and unseasonally mild temps.  Visited Andrew Haydon Park and saw over a hundred Canada Geese in the pond, grass and Ottawa River.  In the mix was apparently 1 or 2 Cackling Geese as well.  Lesser Scaup are still present.  The highlight of the day was a nearby Snowy Owl.  Thanks.
Snowy Owl photographed today in the warm glow of the setting sun.
Snowy Owl photographed on Friday perched on the breakwall at Britannia Pier/Lakeside Gardens area.
For those keeping up with this years Snowy Owl irruption, here is a link to an eBird map of Snowy Owl sightings in the USA and Canada.  Apparently there at least 100 of them across the state of Wisconsin and some on the west coast in Washington State as well.  The one found at the Honolulu airport likely hitched a ride in the cargo hold of a plane or was an escapee.  
W. Hum
>From Ottawa, take Carling westbound and turn into Andrew Haydon Park at Holly Acres road.   		 	   		  

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