[Ontbirds] LATE REPORT.

Alf Rider arider at xcelco.on.ca
Fri Dec 30 22:48:08 EST 2011

Hello Birders.
                       While taking an extra drive along Ipperwash Beach in the mid-afternoon of Dec.18th. a close flyby of what appeared at first to be a young Kittywake on closer examination had no collar and minimal ear spot.

It was a 1st. winter ROSS' GULL.

It was watched through binoculars until it landed on a rock, displaying the wedge-shaped tail.

By the time that the car had been driven as far as possible, the bird had left.

No Photos. However it was the day after the Kettle Point CBC.
The local Birding group were advised immediately.
Most Ross' Gulls have left N. America and are near Japan now.
My Best Bird of 2011.

Best Wishes.

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