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Todd Pepper pepper_todd at yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 3 19:07:56 EST 2012

The Holiday Beach Conservation Area Christmas Bird Count was held on December 27, 2011. This is the 7th year for the Holiday Beach CBC.
While temperatures leading up to count day resulted in all water in local creeks, marshes and Lake Erie being open, rain showers and snow flurries was the order of the day. High winds also meant very few ducks, mergansers or gulls floating out on the lake as the waves were breaking hard over local docks and breakwalls.
Count results for 2011 were the lowest in the 7 years of the count with only 66 species; below the previous 6 year average of 75 species. 
Total individual birds were also the lowest in the 7 years of the count at 11,245; below the previous 6 year average of 16,892.
Despite the low numbers there were a few highlights, as follows: 

- new high count for Snow Goose at 12, breaking the previous record of 1;
- 2nd highest count for Tundra Swan at 408;
- 1st record for Snowy Owl;
- new high count for Brown Creeper at 25;
- 2nd highest count for Tree Sparrow at 393.
Submitted on behalf of count coordinator Betty Learmouth.

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