[Ontbirds] Mountain bluebird near Puslinch...

Bernie Monette monette at iaai.ca
Wed Jan 4 14:38:59 EST 2012


The Mountain Bluebird continues to be seen along concession 1. It flies back
and forth across the road.

Getting there:

Puslinch Concession 1: Go south on Hwy 6 (south of Hwy 401) past Morriston.
Concession One meets Hwy 6 just south of Leslie Rd West and just north of
the boundary of Puslinch and Flamborough townships. Travel west on Conc 1
about 1.5 km, until you see the large signs for Long Lane Farm at the end of
a farm lane. The bird was seen on the wooden fence, wires and trees along
Conc 1 immediately west of this laneway.
For exact location, paste 43°25'47.38"N  80° 6'56.08"W into Google Earth



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