[Ontbirds] Reports for January 14-15

Rollin Deas deas.rollin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 23:25:22 EST 2012

Good evening,

I made the following sightings on Amherst Island January 14: Tundra swans
(several by the ferry landing, near Millhaven), bufflehead (perhaps 20 or
so, off the south shore of A.I.), snowy owls (an adult in a field along
Emerald 40 and the previously-reported immature in Millhaven), short-eared
owls (about 10 birds on A.I., including about 6 in the fields on Emerald 40
just before dusk, hunting and flying around), no. harriers (several
throughout), rough-legged hawks (several, including both dark and
light-phased birds, most on Emerald 40), red-bellied w.p. (near the
feeders, Owl Woods), and Am. robin (same locale).

January 15, Algonquin P.P.: Black-backed w.p. (Spruce Bog), evening
grosbeaks (dozens, Visitor Centre feeders), red crossbills (about 6, Spruce
Bog), and common redpolls (2, Vis. Centre, but not coming to the feeders).

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