[Ontbirds] Bowmanville - strange flock of millling waterfowl

klinton at netrover.com klinton at netrover.com
Wed Jan 18 16:42:15 EST 2012

1630 Hrs, Bowmanville ONT

A flock of 300 or more of some type of mixed waterfowl (etc?) passed over my vehicle at HWYs 2 and 115. Many light underwings were flashing in the setting sun. They were NOT Canada Geese, nor, I think, Snow Geese.

I could not ID, but the birds seemed confused and after parking, I observed them milling about in the sky, first going one way then another, covering several kilometers. They flew like an unorganized flock of starlings, without an apparent goal (though I suspect they are looking for open water). They refused to set down in the many open and farmed fields. 

I've never seen anything like this. They are presently in the NW quadrant of the intersection above. 
Anyone else see this? Very strange!

Keith Linton
Orono, Ont

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