[Ontbirds] Claireville - White-Winged Crossbills

John Thompson jthmpson at eol.ca
Thu Jan 19 10:45:03 EST 2012


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This morning I saw two small flocks (one of 5, the other of 10) of
White-Winged Crossbills at Claireville CA. Both observations were
along the roadway leading south from the inner gate. 

	Also seen - Red-Bellied Woodpecker (in the hardwood swamp/TRCA
Habitat Enhancement Project at the bottom of the second hill as you
walk south; this bird or possibly a second one is fairly dependable
at the feeder near the inner gate in the afternoon, after the feeder
is refilled); Long-Eared Owl (7); N. Mockingbird (2). 

	Claireville CA is 2.7km east of Airport Road, south of Hwy
7/Regional Rd 107/Queen Street opposite McVean Drive in Brampton -
look for the Claireville Ranch sign. Please park outside the outer
gate and walk in so as not to obstruct the roadway into the ranch. 

	John Thompson
 jthmpson at eol.ca [1]

[1] mailto:jthmpson at eol.ca

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