[Ontbirds] Western Red Tail, Oshawa,

Jim Yaki jim_yaki at rogers.com
Fri Jan 20 18:32:49 EST 2012

On Jan 15, a possible Western Red Tailed Hawk was reported at Harmony Rd and the 401 in Oshawa. Today at approximated 4:15 the same bird was being dive bombed by crows in the north side onramp to the 401 area at that intersection. Having come home and checked the guides that I have I would have to agree with the original ID.
Since it was first seen Dec 29 it is safe to assume it is hanging around the area, however the Second Marsh area is very close(just south of the 401 here) so it could spend time south of the Highway. It is certainly worth keeping a lookout for.

>From the west: highway 401 to the Harmony rd Exit.At the lights(Bloor St) turn left and cross over the 401. I saw the bird while at the lights at Harmony and Bloor just across the Bridge. To get to the Second marsh and area south of the 401, instead of turning at Bloor go straight south on Farewell for about a kilometer and then turn left onto Wentworth. follow Wentworth east and the area on either side of the the road are possibles, for this bird.

>From the West; 401 to the Harmony rd exit. I saw the bird at the lights (Bloor St.) at the end of the ramp. If you wish to try south of the highway turn left onto Bloor, cross the 401 and then Left at the first set of lights(Farewell). Then follow the directions above.

Jim Yaki
Bowmanville, ON
jim_yaki at rogers.com

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