[Ontbirds] Fw: Cackling Geese/Brant/white-fronted Goose LaSalle Park

Barbara Charlton BARBARA.CHARLTON at bell.blackberry.net
Sat Jan 21 10:34:47 EST 2012

The White-fronted Goose is still at La Salle Park along with 6 Cackling Geese in the small bay on the west side. The Brant has moved further west but can be scoped from La Salle. There are also 13 adult Tundra Swans here. 

Barb Charlton and Rob Dobos
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Both species are presently in the small bay on the west side of the park.

LaSalle Park is in Burlington. QEW Niagara exit North Shore Blvd and then south on LaSalle Park Rd


Mark Peck

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