[Ontbirds] Thayer's Gull and other white-winged gull near Casselman

mark gawn gawnbirding at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 21 15:07:17 EST 2012

The large flock of gulls persists at the Lafleche dump east of Casselman. Today there were 30+ Glaucous Gulls, several Iceland and two first winter Thayer's Gull, along with many Herring and Great Black-backed. Also present were impressive numbers of Horned Lark (100+). Also seen was a flock of about 15 Common Redpoll in the Larose Forest, and the much reported Varied Thrush at Limoges.
Lafleche Rd landfill is located at the dead end of Lafleche Road. From the > 417 take road 138 south, turning right on Lafleche road which is the first > road south of the 417. The dump is at the end of the dead end road, > however, the gulls are best seen loafing in the snow covered field north > of the the road.
Mark GawnOttawa


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