[Ontbirds] Niagara River - 11 Gulls, Harlequin Duck, Black Vulture

Gavin Platt gavin.platt at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 19:22:53 EST 2012

I birded along the Niagara River today, from Queenston to Fort Erie.
Highlights as follows:

Black Vulture - 1 with 11 Turkey Vultures at Queenston
Harlequin Duck - 3 above the falls, on a small rock in the middle of the
river. They were about halfway across the river, pretty much due south of
the Three Sisters Islands.

Black-headed Gull - 1 in a large group of Bonaparte's, just north of the
Peace Bridge.
Black-legged Kittiwake - 1 around the pier at the north end of Squaw Island
(American side). It could be seen well from the Canadian side and flew out
into the middle of the river a few times.
Little Gull - 1 adult at Queenston, 1 1st-winter at the same location as
the Kittiwake.
Iceland Gull - lots at Adam Beck.
Thayer's Gull - 2 adults at Adam Beck.
Glaucous Gull - 1 on rocks in the middle of the river, below the control
Lesser Black-backed Gull - 6 above the falls (also 2 Great Black-backed x
Herring Gull hybrids here).

Good Birding,

Gavin Platt
Toronto, ON

Black Vulture: I viewed the Vultures from the pull-off on the Niagara
Parkway, just below Brock's Monument. This is on the hill coming up from
Queenston, just before (downhill from) where the road goes through a big
'U' bend.
Adam Beck: The Adam Beck overlook is located on the east side of the
Niagara Parkway, just south of the Queenston-Lewiston bridge.
Harlequin Ducks: Best viewed from by the Engineerium building above the
Fort Erie Gulls: Any pull-off along Niagara Blvd, north of the Peace
Bridge, would be a good place to look. The north end of Squaw Island is
approximately across from Niagara Blvd and Bowen Rd.

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