[Ontbirds] No Cackling Geese/Brant/Greater White-fronted Goose at LaSalle Park

David Gascoigne and Miriam Bauman theospreynest at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 22 15:38:25 EST 2012

We spent about an hour and a half this morning at LaSalle Park. Alas, none of the above three species were sighted by us or any other birders we spoke to. It was a distinct pleasure on arrival to have eleven Tundra Swans fly in and wheel around to land on the water - a magnificent spectacle. It occurred to us that there are probably few places on the continent where one might see Mute Swan, Trumpeter Swan and Tundra Swan together. Highlights were a male Ring-necked Duck among the many scaup and White-winged Scoters and a White-throated Sparrow in the scrubby areas along the western breakwater.
We left LaSalle and birded along the lake as far as Paletta Park, stopping wherever possible, but were unable to locate the three elusive species.
Upon returning to LaSalle Park in the afternoon we inquired as to whether anyone had seen them. No one had.

David Gascoigne
Waterloo, ON 

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