[Ontbirds] Swans, Whitby Harbour

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Mon Jan 30 16:40:49 EST 2012

Jan 29 2012 1400hrs

Whitby Harbour

Directions: From the Brock St. exit of the 401 continue south 2km to the parking lot.


At the Brock St. bridge 0.5km north of the harbour, an older gentleman and his young grand-daughter feeding Mallards and several Trumpeter swans near the road, before almost backing over our good friend C-15 (wing-tagged swan). I stopped him just in time.

C-15, his pal I-53, and others, have become tame, surely devaluing the work done to tag them. They run toward the road any time a car stops. They WILL eventually be injured, esp. if someone stops on the opposite side of the road.

In reply to my gentle admonition, the man replied, "Pollution kills more birds than feeding does."

Says he, attempting to make 'swan pancakes!'


VIEWED in the harbour area:

750 Canada Geese
50 Gulls (there's only one species....right?)
20 Mute Swans
15 m and f Greater Scaups
8 male Buffleheads
5 m and f Common Mergansers
1 male Redhead
and several Mallards

There are reports that a Snowy Owl was present last week.


Keith Linton


On a lighter note, Keith's Bird Joke o' the Day:

Q: What did the birding banker bemoan?

A: The scarcity of Borrowing Owls.

(Don't worry, I won't give up my day job...)

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