[Ontbirds] Purple Finches in Gowganda..Temiskaming Dist. North

Paul and Gert Trudel ptrudel at ontera.net
Fri Feb 3 18:33:48 EST 2012

I finally have Purple Finches. They joined the hundreds of  Common Redpolls
and  the Pine and Evening Grosbeaks. (Lucky that the Nyger is on sale!!!!)
I note very few Black Capped Chickadees this winter and even the Hairy and
Downy Woodpecker numbers are down . Blue Jays are decreasing in my area but
increasing about an hour and a half North East of me.
We have lots of snow..about 50 cm easy, on the ground now. After a lot of
fluffy snow falls , the driveway becomes the ground feeder until the wind
hardens the snow again.

We do have at least two snowy owls in the Dist. About 1 hour from my place. 

Gert Trudel
trudel at ontera.ca
Temiskaming Dist.
6 hours North of Toronto via Hwy 11 N

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