[Ontbirds] Snowy Owl in Holland Marsh

Siegmar Bodach sigipatti at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 15 00:53:58 EST 2012

This morning (Tuesday) while driving north on Hwy. 400 to Bradford
I noticed a Snowy Owl sitting in a field on the west side of
the highway just north of the 2nd Concession. After my meeting
about an hr. later it was still there. I pulled off the highway onto the
west side dirt road parallel to the 400 and stopped to view the owl.
It appears to be a female or juvenile with lots of black on its back
and wings but mostly white on the front and face. Nearby were 2
Horned Larks flying about.

A late report from Monday: While about my business while driving
eastbound on Hwy.7( late morning) I observed 6 Red tailed hawks and
2 American Kestrels sitting on either roadside trees, fences or aloft
between Dufferin and Bathurst. A very odd concentration.

Good birding,
Aurora, ON

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