[Ontbirds] White-winged Dove, North Bay

richardtafel rtafel at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 15 10:47:11 EST 2012

    The White-winged Dove is very much alive and healthy in North Bay. Saw
it very readily yesterday aft. It is more often, it seems at the residence
of 1557 Pinewood Cresc. ,  than at a neighbours ­ 1532 ­ but could be
located at  one or the other. The   main respondent is Peter Mladen - 1557
Pinewood Crescent North Bay 705 474-2052. He is quite amenable to visits ­
simply go around to the back of his place, via the driveway.
    It comes readily in the warmer afternoons, normally by itself, it seems.
It often sits peacefully in a deciduous tree, wondering what all the fuss is
    North Bay is 350 miles due north of Toronto, no stoplights (until you
hit the city) ­ now about 3 3/4 hours away. The Pinewood area is in the
north-west quadrant.
Dick Tafel

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