[Ontbirds] Mountain Bluebird, Bohemian Waxwings Prince Edward Point Feb.15

M. Bain mjcbain at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 15 18:44:51 EST 2012

February 15, 3.30pm:
The big flock of robins that the Mountain Bluebird is with seems to be
slowly moving west along Long Point Road.
As I came round the sharp corner at #4447, just after the intersection with
the eastern end of Babylon Road, I had my window open and could hear
Bohemian Waxwings. So I walked back and found at least 3 Bohemians in a
flock of about 60 Cedar Waxwings. Then I noticed many robins, 40+, feeding
in the bushes and trees at the corner, and among them was the female
Mountain Bluebird, actively perching and flying about.
Smaller groups of robins were scattered along Long Point Road to the Dive
Charter place, with about 20 robins at #5136. Opposite here was a distant
large bare tree full of waxwings, at least 100, but as I got my scope out to
check for more Bohemians they all flew.
One roadside Northern Shrike between #4447 and #5136.

Directions courtesy of Kathy Felkar and Mike Burge:

To reach Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area, take Main Street from
the east end of downtown Picton, down the "Town Hill", and turn immediately
right onto Union Street (directly across from Tip of the Bay Motel). Follow
Union Street out of Picton (becomes County Road 8) for 2.5 km, and at the
junction in the highway, follow County Road 17. Take County Road 17 for 6.5
km and look for the Black River Cheese sign, and turn left onto County Road
16 and follow for 1 km to the Stop sign at County Road 13. Follow County
Road 13 past Black River Cheese for 23.6 km to the Prince Edward Point
National Wildlife Area (County Road 13 eventually becomes Long Point Road).
Follow the Long Point Road until you see Ducks Dive Charters.

Margaret Bain
mjcbain at sympatico.ca

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