[Ontbirds] Fw: White-Winged Dove - Feb 18 in North Bay

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The White-winged Dove is behiind 1532 Pinewood Cres. at 1:23 pm this afternoon.
Kevin Shackleton
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Subject: [Ontbirds] White-Winged Dove - Feb 17 in North Bay

Martin and Kathy Parker and Jerry Ball from Peterborough travelled to North 
Bay to see the White-winged Dove today.  They were joined by Fred Pinto and 
Mary Young of North Bay.

They finally stopped the bird about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon behind 1556 
Pinewood Crescent in North Bay.  The bird was sitting on a branch of an oak 
tree and was very visible.

The owner of the house, Peter Mlden, commented that the bird usually shows 
up about 3 in the afternoon and sits in the tree.  It is clearly visible 
from the roadway.  Mladen does allow you to enter the backyard by the 
sidewalk on the west side of the house.

Mladen did not see the bird yesterday but according the owner it was behind 
1532 Pinewood Crescent all afternoon yesterday, Thursday.

The bird likes perching in view when the sun is shining and today the sun 
can out just before 2 p.m.

The bird was featured in our birding column in the North Bay Nugget today so 
the neighbourhood is aware of the bird.

Martin and Kathy Parker

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