[Ontbirds] The Niagara's still got it - 10 gull sp incl. California, Fish Crow, King Eider etc..

Lev Frid lev.frid at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 22:46:01 EST 2012

Hello Ontbirders,

Kyle Holloway and I did a tour to the Niagara Area with Amanda Guercio
today, and it was a lovely day to be out, with lots of laughs and some
great birds!

The Port Weller KING EIDER showed nicely near the parking area, but only
after it made us walk all the way to the point, where we also had the SNOWY

We managed to dig up 10 gull species today along the River -

Great Black-backed
Bonaparte's - numbers are decreasing.
LITTLE - One adult bird at the Queenston boat docks.
KUMLIEN'S - We had several first and a few second-cycle birds, as well as
some nice adults. Most of these were at Adam Beck.
GLAUCOUS - There were lots on the river today - we had no less than 7
birds. Most were first-cycle birds, but two adults and a second-cycle bird
at the breakwater.
THAYER'S - We found a first-cycle bird at Adam Beck in the morning, in the
afternoon after looking for a while I managed to finally pick out "the one"
- an adult there.
LESSER BLACK-BACKED - One was pretty and white-headed at the Breakwater.
There were a couple others above the Falls.

CALIFORNIA - Amanda picked this thing out from the bunch of gulls on the
rocks below Devil's Hole like it owed her money. It was an adult bird. We
had great looks. You can park at the floral clock if you think the bird is
worth $5 or whatever it is, or you can park at Adam Beck and walk South a
little ways like we did.

Off Bowen Rd at Fort Erie, we heard and then saw one FISH CROW.

Directions to King Eider: From Hamilton take the QEW to Niagara/Welland
exit. After exiting follow the left lane to Welland Avenue and continue
straight along the service road until you reach Bunting Rd..Turn left and
follow Bunting Road to Lakeshore Rd.. Turn right and proceed over the canal
to Sea Haulage Road. Turn left and follow Sea Haulage Road left to the end.
Park near gate. Take the first path to the left along the canal.

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