[Ontbirds] Greater Snow Geese - Eastern Ontario

Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca
Wed Feb 29 15:13:26 EST 2012

To satisfy those who may be wondering how far the waterfowl migration has 
progressed, I made an inquiry at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge which 
is in New York State south of Lake Ontario. Most of the Greater Snow Geese 
that migrate through Eastern Ontario arrive there first then head back 
east after a few weeks.

The biologist informed me that they have 100,000 birds present and that 
they have been on site for most of February. This is very early for them 
but not unexpected in this unusual year. There was a report a few weeks 
ago of about half a dozen birds passing overhead at dusk north of St. 
Andrews (north of Cornwall) heading towards the river. This took place on 
several nights.

In 2011, the first flocks were noted on March 11 with the main flight at 
mid-month. It could come earlier this year given the conditions. Except 
for shallow bays and areas along the Long Sault Parkway, the St. Lawrence 
did not freeze this winter but fields are snow covered. 

Brian Morin

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