[Ontbirds] Little Bluff Conservation Area Yellow-rumped Warblers, South Bay Redheads and Scaup, No Mountain Bluebird

Michael and Joann Tetlow mjtetlow at frontiernet.net
Thu Mar 1 12:22:00 EST 2012

Up to Bellville with my son I took a side trip to look for the Mountain
Bluebird.  I had no luck although I spent most of my 1-1/2 hours in the
field east of Ducks Dive (lots of Robins and 1 Ruffed Grouse) and only ½
hour in the field west.  The consolation was a group of 5 Yellow-rumped
Warblers with Chickadees near the picnic pavilion at Little Bluff
Conservation Area and multiple thousand Redheads with some Greater Scaup in
the cove at South Bay along route 13. While scanning the waterfowl 1 Raven
flew overhead being mobbed by crows.  Mike Tetlow (Rochester, NY)


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