Mark Cranford [Ontbirds] ontbirds_coord at rogers.com
Thu Mar 1 15:36:42 EST 2012


Send bird sightings to birdalert at ontbirds.ca

Ontbirds at hwcn.org is NO longer valid. If you want to send messages to 
Ontbirds change your address-books to birdalert at ontbirds.ca NOW

Ontbirds changed its Internet Service Provider (ISP) December 2010. When 
the change was made a computer was left on in the basement of Hamilton 
Public Library that forwarded messages sent to ontbirds at hwcn.org to 
birdalert at ontbirds That computer no longer exists. Messages sent 
ontbirds at hwcn.org now disappear without a trace.


Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ont.
mark.cranford at ofo.ca
905 279 9576

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