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Fri Mar 2 11:24:06 EST 2012

This posting has been approved by the Ontbirds coordinator.

The winter reporting season for North American Birds (NAB) is now over. 
This is a plea / request for observers to submit their interesting
sightings to local compilers.

North American Birds is published four times a year by the American
Birding Association and contains seasonal sightings / summaries for all
regions of North America.  The Ontario section consists of a very
detailed account, which presents a summary of sightings from across the
entire province.  Numerous photos of various rarities are also included. 
Ontario seasonal reports have been published since 1947, and contain a
wealth of historical information on the birdlife of the province.

More information about North American Birds can be found here:


Below is a list of all current, local compilers for Ontario.  Please take
the time to submit your significant sightings to these local compilers,
for each area you may have visited this past winter during the period of
December 1 to February 29 inclusive.  Likely this will take less than 15
minutes of your time.

Short-term your sightings will be compiled for NAB, longer-term they will
be used for additional purposes such as regional checklists or regional
publications (examples of such include those recently published for
Niagara and Hamilton).


Pelee Island			Graeme Gibson	graeme.gibson at peleeisland.org
Chatham-Kent Region;	Blake Mann		boatmann at kent.net
Lambton County	
Middlesex County		Pete Read		psread at xplornet.com
Long Point Area		Stu Mackenzie		s_a_mackenzie at yahoo.ca
Niagara Region		Marcie Jacklin		mjacklin at brocku.ca
Stratford Area			Marilyn Ohler		mohler3 at sympatico.ca
Oxford County			James Holdsworth	jmholdsworth at rogers.com
Waterloo Region;		Ken Burrell		kenard89 at hotmail.com
Wellington County
Hamilton Study Area	Rob Dobos		rdobos at cogeco.ca
Greater Toronto Area	Roy Smith		rsmith at mrs.com
Northumberland Co.	Clive Goodwin		clivegoodwin at sympatico.ca
Presqu'ile Park		Maureen Riggs	mriggs at sympatico.ca
Kingston Birding Area	Ron Weir			weir-r at rmc.ca
Eastern Ontario		Brian Morin		Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca
Ottawa Birding Area	Christina Lewis	hagenius at primus.ca
Kawartha Lakes		Dan Bone		dan.bone at xplornet.com
Grey / Bruce counties	James Turland		jaturland at gmail.com
Bruce Peninsula B.O.	Stephane Menu	stefmenu at gmail.com
Muskoka District		Barbara Taylor	muskoka_birder at hotmail.com
Algonquin Park		Ron Tozer		rtozer at vianet.on.ca
North Bay Area		Martin Parker		mparker19 at cogeco.ca
Manitoulin District;		Chris Bell			cbell at amtelecom.net
Sudbury District
Sault Ste. Marie		Kirk Zufelt		zufelt_k at shaw.ca
Rainy River District		Dave Elder 		mdelder at shaw.ca
Dryden Area			Carolle Eady		tceady at drytel.net
Thunder Bay District	Brian Ratcliff		bratcliff at tbaytel.net
Thunder Cape B.O.	John Woodcock		johntbaywoodcock at hotmail.com
Hilliardton B.O.		Bruce Murphy		bruce.murphy at dsbl.edu.on.ca
Hudson Bay Lowlands	Don Sutherland	donald.sutherland at ontario.ca
(excluding Moosonee)
Point Pelee;			Alan Wormington	wormington at juno.com
Southern James Bay
(including Moosonee)
Ontario E-Bird			Mike Burrell		mike.burrell.on at gmail.com


Essex County (excluding Point Pelee and Pelee Island)
Elgin County
Durham Region
Prince Edward County (excluding Prince Edward Point)
Peterborough County
Haliburton County
Simcoe County
Huron County
Parry Sound District
Timiskaming District
Cochrane District (excluding Southern James Bay; Moosonee)
Kenora District (excluding Dryden and Hudson Bay Lowlands)

For the above non-reporting areas, significant sightings can be sent
directly to Blake Mann, who is the Winter Season Editor:

boatmann at kent.net

Many thanks for your contributions.

Alan Wormington
NAB Ontario Regional Editor (spring migration)


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