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Since the last update on February 15, two species was added to the winter list,
giving us a final total of 223 species for this winter. This is only the 6th
year in which an "official" tally has been kept that I am aware of,
but previous to this winter the record was 201 species, set last year. The new
species added are Yellow-throated Vireo, as a dead bird was found on January 10
and Willow Ptarmigan as an observer saw them in the north. I have send the list to Blake Maybank and hopefully he will post the results on the website soon. A link to the webpage:  http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/maybank/other/onwinter.htm

Obviously the mild weather had a huge role in this high winter list as there
were many lingering species reported, even well into the New Year.
Additionally, a high number of OBRC reportable birds were seen in Ontario this
winter. Some of the highlights of rare birds seen this winter are as follows.
My apologies if I have forgotten to mention any notable records. Thanks to Alan
Wormington for providing me with some information regarding previous winter
records of some of these species.

American White Pelican

-Jack Custer Bird Sanctuary, Niagara Region: November 24
– December 1.



-Whitby Harbour, Durham Region: December 26 – December
28. This incredible find is one of only a small handful of this species ever in
inland North America. There are 2 previous accepted Ontario records, both in
winter, as well as a spring record that has not been reviewed by the committee.


Black Vulture

-Queenston area, Niagara Region: November 12 – present. As
of the 2009 OBRC report there were only 2 previous winter records for Ontario.  For over a year several Black Vultures had
been sporadically reported along the Niagara River – these birds are most
likely the same birds.



-north of Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
County: December 1 to December 2. I am not sure on the exact number but there
are about 5 previous winter records for Ontario.


Slaty-backed Gull

-upper Niagara Falls, Niagara Region: December 3 –
December  17. 

-Owen Sound harbour, Grey County: February 26 – February 28.
As of the 2009 OBRC report, there were 4 accepted winter records for the
province, and 6 total records.



-Niagara-on-the-lake, Niagara Region. November 8 –
December 3. If accepted, this would be the 4th Razorbill for
Niagara-on-the-Lake. There are 4 previous winter records of this species in
Ontario out of 8 total. 


Band-tailed Pigeon

-Bracebridge, Muskoka District: February 4 to February 6.
As of the 2009 OBRC report there were only 2 winter records out of 11 total.


White-winged Dove

-North Bay, Nipissing District: January 15 to at least
February 20 – may be present. There is only one other accepted winter record as
of the 2009 OBRC report.


Barn Owl

-found dead in Durham Region: December 23. As of the 2009
report there were 3 accepted winter records, out of 7 total. Prior to 1990,
Barn Owl was not a reviewable species in southern Ontario.


Rufous Hummingbird

-Eganville, Refrew County: late September – December 24. As
of the 2009 OBRC report, there are 5 accepted winter records for Ontario.



-found dead, Port Burwell, Elgin County: January 10. This
is the second winter record for Ontario.


Fish Crow

-one probable bird, Adam Beck lookout, Niagara Region:  January 1. 

-one to five birds, Fort Erie, Niagara Region: January 15
to present

If accepted these represent the first winter records for
Ontario and may be a sign of a trend as the species continues to expand its
range into the Niagara frontier region. 


Mountain Bluebirds-one of the
highlights of this winter has been the 3 Mountain Bluebirds, of which all three
may still be present although recent reports of the Puslinch and Thamesville
bird are lacking.

-one female, Puslinch, Wellington County: January 1 to ?-one 1st year male, Thamesville, Lambton
County: January 16 to ?

-one female, Prince Edward Point, Prince Edward County: February
12 to present


Blue Warbler

-Huntsville, Muskoka District: December 10. There are
less than 10 previous winter records.


Northern Parula 

-Bronte Bluffs, Halton Region. November 28 to December 5.
This is the third winter record for Ontario.


Gray Warbler

-Hamilton waterfront, Hamilton County: December 14 –
January 3. As of the 2009 report there were 5 winter records out of 17 total.


Green Warbler

-Hamilton Waterfront, Hamilton County: December 14.  As far as I know this is also the third winter
record for Ontario.


Wilson’s Warbler

-Hamilton Waterfront, Hamilton County: December 15 to
January 11. I don’t know the exact number but there are about 5 previous winter
records for Ontario. 


Spotted Towhee

-Longlac, Thunder Bay District: November 12 – present? As
of the2009 report, there were 13 winter records out of 23 total.



-Cressy, Prince Edward County: December 3. This may be
the first winter record for Ontario, if anyone knows otherwise I would like to



-Stoney Creek, Hamilton County: December 24 to at least January
11. This is the first winter record in many decades and only the 2nd
or 3rd winter record overall.


-one of the Hepburn's race at Geraldton, Thunder Bay District: January 4 to January 5
-one of the interior race at Rocky Bay, Thunder Bay District: January 10 to present
-one of the interior race at Rossport, Thunder Bay District: January 24 to at least January 31. As of the 2009 OBRC report there were 14 accepted records in Ontario with 8 coming during the winter period. Good birding,----------------------------------------------
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