[Ontbirds] Kawartha Field Naturalists Bird Report, Feb 25 to Mar 2

Dan Bone dan.bone at xplornet.com
Sat Mar 3 13:37:53 EST 2012

Kawartha Field Naturalists Bird Report, Week of February 25 to March 2

A mix of late winter seasonal rarities, birds of interest, early spring migrants and beginning signs of breeding activity. 

Rusty Blackbird-- 3 at feeder north of Fenelon Falls, stayed all winter
Red-winged Blackbird--1 at feeder Carden
European Starling-- numbers increasing most feeders
Red-bellied Woodpecker-- 4 in total...1 at feeder 596 Bulmer's Road, 1 at feeder Carden, 2 at feeder Lindsay
Hermit Thrush-- 1 at feeder Bury's Green
Snow Bunting--150 regular at feeder 596 Bulmer's Road, spring song heard for the first time this week, 30 Anne Irwin feeder Bobcaygeon
Rough-legged Hawk-- 1 regular on Bulmer's Road, seen today,
5 or 6 seen regularly all winter and recently at various locations in Kawartha Lakes
Red-tailed Hawk--1 Bury's Green, 1 Doyle Road, 1 Victoria Road
American Kestrel-- Doyle Road
Bald Eagle--2 hwy 49 north of Bobcaygeon, 1 Doyle Road
Northern Shrike--1 at feeder north of Fenelon Falls, yesterday, 1 north of Bobcaygeon yesterday (Scrutinize all Shrikes now as the migrant Loggerhead returns March and April and the Northern lingers)
White-crowned Sparrow-- 1 at feeder Omemee, seen recently and for some time
White-throated Sparrow--1 at feeder north of Bobcaygeon
Purple Finch-- 10 at feeder Bury's Green, 4 pairs at feeder Victoria Road
Common Redpoll-- 2 flocks yesterday, 1 of 80, the other 20 on St Alban's Road north of Bobcaygeon
Hoary Redpoll-- 1 in large flock of Common Redpoll mentioned above
American Goldfinch--80, at feeder  596 Bulmer's Road, 60 at feeder Victoria Road, 60 at feeder Carden
Pine Siskin--12 at feeder Victoria Road, 1 at feeder Carden, 7 at feeder Doyle Road, 7 in woods north of Bobcaygeon
White-winged Crossbill-- 30 on  Fairbairn Road north east of Fenelon Falls
Bohemian Waxwing-- flock of 40 north of Bobcaygeon, 40 north of Mitchell Lake, flocks seen all winter and recently, but sporadically, in all areas
Canada Goose-- in pairs, flying inland checking out beaver pond nesting sites etc, this morning, all areas
Northern Saw-whet Owl--1 road kill, between Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon
Eastern Screech-Owl-- 1 at feeder Uphill, 1 in yard Woodville occasionally
Barred Owl--1 regular at feeder north of Bobcaygeon at night
Snowy Owl-- 1 Kirkfield ( irruption passed through CKL as we only had sporadic sightings all winter)
American Robin--singing spring songs all areas
Trumpeter Swan-- 2 adults and 3 cygnets on Scugog River, Lindsay. (These are tagged birds from Sturgeon Lake in 2011 that wintered at La Salle Park, Burlington. 7 other cygnets stayed behind in Burlington) ( Latest report is 6 more of the brood have left LaSalle Park, watch for tagged Trumpeters). 2 adults photographed north of dam in Bobcaygeon, no tags, 2 on Grass Creek Victoria Road (tags?)
Tundra swan -- 3 at Canal Lake
Canada Goose--flying and honking in pairs, often inland checking out nesting locations at beaver dams and creeks.

The City of Kawartha Lakes is the former Victoria County. The main towns are Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Kirkfield and Carden. It stretches from Ponty Pool in the south to the Queen Elizabeth 2 Wild lands Provincial Park in the north.
The Kawartha Field Naturalists meet in Fenelon Falls. Visit our website at: http://www.kawarthafieldnaturalists.org/ for details.

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