[Ontbirds] Bohemian Waxwings, Orono

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Sun Mar 4 16:50:43 EST 2012

1620 hrs, 3 March 2012
8th Conc and 115 Hwy
Orono, ON

A cloud of approx 125 Bohemian Waxwings decended upon the bushes in my backyard and feasted on berries. The flock spooked three times, first re-landing in the bushes, and then leaving in a north-easterly direction. They returned 2 minutes later to finish off the berries like a bunch of piranha. The sound of that many birds vocalizing was like a loud bunch of spring frogs or crickets!

Photos and video taken. 

I can't guarantee a re-sighting, but here are the directions...

>From the 401, take the 35/115 north toward Peterborough, 10 or 12 km to the 8th Concession at the Boatland RV dealership. Birds were east on the concession road approx 400m, before you get to Cooney.


Keith and Bethany Linton
Orono, ON.

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